July 2012

“I’ve now had a couple of Reflexology treatments with Martin Greig.

The first time I had a treatment I was quite stressed out in my life. During and after the session I experienced the most deep sense of relaxation I had felt in a long time.

It was unlike any other natural therapy treatment I had had up to that point. I had seen massage therapists and healers, but something was different about his Reflexology.

I don’t know if it was his good intention, his caring nature, his skill as a therapist or the nurturing feeling I got from having my feet done – either way , it was truly a beautiful and relaxing experience, After that I was hooked.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone at all. In fact, I am a natural therapist and health coach myself and I found that I was referring some of my clients to him !”

Rory B


Jan 2009

“I recently had the pleasure of receiving a reflexology treatment from Martin Greig. I am writing to recommend his reflexology treatments either to future clients or any organisation wishing to hire him.

I was thoroughly impressed by the holistic quality of the treatment time I had with him. I found the treatment to be of a very high technical quality, and he had a huge level of care and ability to create a nurturing space. With all of these qualities combined I felt comfortable to relax, rejuvenate and have my body be looked after.

Martin had a huge sensitivity to me as a client, as i know he would with all clients, and was able to provide me with the treatment that I was in need of at that time. He is very personable and relaxed as a practitioner and has a very mature approach to both the physical and emotional side of his body work. He makes sure that he is in communication with his clients so that they are receiving the treatment they need. This creates a very safe environment.

I found that after Martin’s treatment I was more relaxed and rejuvenated, my body was functioning better, I felt calmer, ‘problems’ that I had on my mind were now a lot clearer and more manageable, I felt more able to handle day to day situations,….it was just that ‘ something’ that I needed to give me a boost …..and I felt a general brightening of my spirit!

As a practitioner myself I work with many different people and I have no hesitation in recommending Martin as a very competent therapist. I feel strongly he would look after any client as he did with me, and that his treatments are very valuable on many levels for people of all walks of life.”

Jodie M


Jan 2009

This is to certify that I would highly recommend Martin Greig for the position of reflexologist.

He is a wonderful person, he is very caring, gentle, strong and he has healing hands which helps people feel very relaxed, nurtured and a whole lot healthier.

I have personally known Martin for about 7-8 years and in that time I have found him to be a delight to know.

Lisa A


October 2008

“Martin  Greig worked at Human Nurture .. as a contracting reflexology practitioner. In this time we found Martin to be a caring and popular practitioner as well as being a joy to work with. He is an honest and reliable person and has the ability to establish a good rapport with his clients easily. I would recommend him for any Reflexology position he may seek.”

John Macdonald
Human Nurture