There are several different forms of Reflexology available to you at Happy Feet and each one has their own advantages. They will all spruce you up and each one is excellent preventative medicine.

The benefits accumulate or build up in each person so that the goodness one feels after a session will extend from a couple of days to a week at first maybe to a month of goodness. For that reason  it is good to have 3 treatments close together at the beginning. That will give you a warm glow for a month and you will understand and feel what Reflexology can do for you. Everyone is different though and some get the good  feeling for an extended period right away.

We recommend a treatment once a month to maintain optimum health.

Chronic conditions may require more frequent sessions and a  longer period to repair.

I will recommend additional action/other modalities to aid healing if appropriate.


Ingham Reflexology

is the ‘traditional’ form. It is usually deeply relaxing and great at restoring your body’s natural balance, working on all organs, tissues and systems. The blissful rest helps your body naturally repair and maintain itself.

We recommend a session at least once a month as one of the best preventative modalities available.

It includes a warm foot bath with essential oils.

Session   1hr $80,   30 minutes $50 


Endocrine Balance

The Reflexology endocrine balance is especially beneficial during pregnancy. It is included in all sessions during pregnancy.

Also preconception, for infertility and post natal or anytime a woman is in menstrual cycle.

Session  30 minutes, $50


Lymphatic Reflexology Technique

This is beneficial for foot/ankle oedema and especially during pregnancy

Session  30 minutes, $50


Maternity Reflexology

Ingham Method, usually includes Endocrine Balance and Lymphatic Technique, as needed

Refer to next page for more information

Session  45 minutes, $60



Hand reflexology is also a powerful modality and is a good way to treat someone with very ticklish feet or for those who work with their hands like masseurs.

It can be easily  included in any 1hr session, very happy to give you that experience.


Whatever you do, treat yourself to at least one Reflexology session in your life.

The benefits of blissful, deep relaxation cannot be over estimated, physically, emotionally and healthwise.