Qualifications & memberships

  • Ingham (Western) Reflexology
  • Chinese Reflexology
  • Cranio-sacral Reflexology
  • Bachelor  of Science, BSc

Professional Memberships

  • RAoA (Reflexology Association of Australia)


Why choose me for your Reflexology treatment ?

I love practicing (and receiving) Reflexology because I know that it works, and I get results!!

If there are other modalities or things that would help  you  achieve optimal health I will let you know. Reflexology is a powerful therapy but it is not the only one.

Concentrating on Reflexology enables me to be the best I can at this simple yet effective method of healing. You are guaranteed the highest standard of treatment and my treatment methods have a scientific base that works together with heart.

Please call me for more information about anything that you have read here or to make an appointment.